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PROJECTIONS / VARIOUS - The Music Videos (Black Hole UK) unmixed DVD

PROJECTIONS/VARIOUS - The Music Videos (Black Hole UK) unmixed DVD

Title: The Music Videos
Label: Black Hole UK
Format: unmixed DVD

Track listing:
- Lovesong
- Shine
- Dance4life (feat Maxi Jazz)
- Always The Sun
- My Number (feat Donna & Anthony)
- Let Me Sip My Drink (feat Fast Eddie)
- Come Back Clean (feat Emily Haines - Kaskade remix edit)
- Introspection Attempts (Moonbeam remix)
- Every Other Way (feat Jes)
- Satiffaction Guaranteed (feat Amanda Wilson)
- Free Your Mind (feat Headless)
- End Of Time
- Revelations (Right From My Heart)
- Letting Go

12-10-2010 Critycal Dub, Luis Zerillo y Bad Boy Orange en +160
17-09-10 Bass or Die 2 â€" Gone, Rol3x y Dj Neda
07-09-10 Rodrigo Sena, Felipee y BBO en +160

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